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Product Development offers a range of courses which deal with different aspects of getting better products to market faster. At the core are a number of courses relating to engineering design and analysis, and to the product development processes and methodologies. We also have a number of more specialized courses that are of great importance to most types of product development, including industrial design, manufacturing methods, and mechatronics. These courses will give the engineering foundation, management skills, and problem solving abilities, required for our graduates to be of immediate use to industry upon graduation.

Our education strongly focuses on student learning and engineering problem solving abilities. In particular, we strongly believe that teaching our students how to learn is of critical importance as every project they undertake will require them to learn something new. It is this ability that will distinguish leaders from followers. We believe that the combination of industry collaboration, a strong research culture and excellent teaching practice supports students best in their learning experience.

We use the course portal Canvas.

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