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The Product Development and Design research lab (PDD research lab) at LTH contributes to improving product development and design capabilities in industry through research results that create new insights and add novel knowledge to science and practice on how needs and ideas are transformed into solutions that are valuable for stakeholders.

In short, our mission can be expressed as: Improving product development and design capabilities in industry

In order to reflect the societal and industrial need for new product development knowledge, our research is concentrated to four prioritised thematic areas:

  • Design for Emergent Technologies and Digitalisation
  • Management and Execution of Product Development and Design
  • Product Experience
  • Design for Sustainability and the Circular Economy

These areas, we believe, incorporates many of the challenges faced by society and industry for achieving the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development sustainable.

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Global Goals at Design Sciences, LTH

Product development is part of the department of Design Sciences. At Design Sciences, we start out from the UN’s Global Goals to create sustainable living conditions for everyone. For us, it’s about designing technologies and environments for the good of all people based on these sustainability goals.

How we work with the Global Goals - at Design Sciences' webpage